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Rotarians and friends of Rotarians: do you have an idea for a vegetable gardening program to fight hunger in the developing world? Need seeds? We can help!

The Rotarians Against Hunger project is led by Western North Carolina (USA)-based Rotary Clubs. The project gives vegetable seeds to fellow Rotarians worldwide for nutrition, education, and income development projects.

Rotarians partner with NGOs or other community groups who distribute seed. Projects give training to help people use the seeds effectively. Read about one successful Rotarians Against Hunger project here.

Program Basics

How We Choose Projects

Applications are competitively evaluated based on these criteria:

To Apply

Complete your online application. Our deadline is September 15, 2017. We will review applications as they come in. We may contact you sooner with clarifying questions about your project. Thank you for your application to partner with our Rotary district.

Generous funding for seeds comes from Rotarians, businesses, and other community members in North Carolina. See for more details.

Questions? Contact