October 19, 2017

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Why should you donate your time or money?

Every year, 10 million people around the globe die from hunger related causes, that`s more than the entire population of North Carolina. These deaths are entirely preventable by simply providing adequate food and nutrition. Also, thousands from Western North Carolina seek emergency food assistance.

Our goal is to raise $65,000 from businesses, community organizations, churches, and caring neighbors like you who are interested in providing meals to families in need.

On Saturday May 5, 2018 more than 700 caring volunteers like you will gather to package at least 300,000 meals in one day. These meals are highly nutritious and can be stored for up to 5 years to ensure no food is wasted.

Hunger Statistics

  • 25,000 die every day from hunger.
  • 60% of those who die from hunger are children.
  • 1 billion people live on less than $1/day.
  • There has been an increase of 960 million cases of hunger since 2006.
  • Preventable conditions such as malnutrition and diarrhea kill 1 in 4 children under the age of 5

Who does your donation help?

Meals will be distributed both locally and internationally:

  • Annually Rotarians Against Hunger projects donate more than 200,000 meals to help families here in Western North Carolina. These meals will be provided to MANNA Food Bank for distribution.
  • Our overseas donation will consist of providing seeds to overseas organizations that work well in their climates. This avoids shipping costs, and allows more of our donation to directly benefit those in need.

We’re anxious to provide the meals needed to help these families, but we need your help to reach our goals.
Please donate your money, volunteer your time, or fill out the contact form below to talk about scheduling a hunger education program for your group. To learn more download the MANNA Hunger Fact Sheet.


Learn About the Hunger Problem

Rotarians across WNC and MANNA FoodBank are partnering to educate our communities about the food insecurity challenge our neighbors face.

Volunteer facilitators are waiting to present “Hunger 101: Cases, Causes and Cures” to your group, organization or class. Programs from 20 − 60 minutes are available.

To set up a presentation, please email our chairman, Clay Mooney, at clay@designassociates-la.com